Tradeoff Collection

I observed a lot of trade-offs.
I would call Trade Off some kind of Art.
Tradeoff collection therein.

Space | Time Tradeoff

A space–time Tradeoff or time–memory trade-off in computer science is a case where an algorithm or program trades increased space usage with decreased time.

Here, space refers to the data storage consumed in performing a given task (RAM, HDD, etc), and time refers to the time consumed in performing a given task (computation time or response time).

Code Changeability/Simplicity | Code Readability Tradeoff

hint from “99-bottles-of-oop”

  • abstraction -> changeability(hard to understand)
  • concrete -> easy to read(hard to change)

Security | Effiency Tradeoff


  • The more complex the encryption algorithm is, the more secure it will be, while it’ll take more time to encrypt/dencrypt

even good (or trendy) solutions add complexity