Mistakes Junior Coders Make


Top 3 Mistakes Junior Coders Make

  1. They believe everything they have build has to be scalable like Facebook or Instagram, they always look at “what happens if I have s millions users, what am I going to do…”. This is not gonna happen for 99.99999% of projects that you have work on, you do not have to worry about scale for the most part, for the vast majority apps you ever work on.

  2. Write time speed is far more important than runtime speed in development.

  3. Don’t be chasing after the bleeding edge tech, let the jobs and opportunities and job requirements determine what tech you choose, not what’s buzzing now on interwebs.

  4. Don’t try to write overly complex code. Don’t do it.

  5. Strive to write really easy to understand code and you will rise quickly as a favorite developer in the team or in the business, because they are going to say: “This person here write really good simple code.”

  6. Newbies tried to reinvent the wheels, they are reluctant to use libraries or frameworks

These tips are based on my 250 years as a developer, trust me, these are universal, doesn’t matter what language, doesn’t matter what framework, nothing matters really…